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Cisco recommends purging CCM 4x CDR database before running the DMA tool to migrate CCM 4x to 5x/6x.You may use either method shown below to reduce the CCM 4 CDR database.

Method#1 (My favourite)

Shrink the database via the SQL Enterprise Manager.

Note: This is done on the Publisher.

  1. Select Start > Programs > MS SQL Server > Enterprise manager.
  2. Choose the Publisher server.
  3. You can either go to the ART database or CDR database, based on which file is large.
  4. Right-click the database.
  5. Select All Tasks > Shrink database and click Files.
  6. Select the database file CDR and CDR_log on the new window.
  7. Shrink each of them.This process takes some time.If the file is still large or SQL is not able to shrink the transactional file, use Solution 3.


For SQL 2000 (Cisco CallManager 3.3 and 4.0), complete these steps to reduce the size of the CDR_log.LDF. This is located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data.

Use these commands at the command prompt:

C:\>osql -E
1>use art

1>backup log art with no_log

1>dbcc shrinkdatabase (art)

C:\>osql -E
1>use cdr

1>backup log cdr with no_log

1>dbcc shrinkdatabase (cdr)

Cheers, Push