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As many of you know that I have not posted anything for a while. That doesn’t mean that I have been hibernating! lol Simply I was busy doing a lot of other new non-UC stuffs.
Recently, I have written a few workbook chapters for one of the CCIE training vendors and didn’t have time to do anything about online.

Now what is the deal with the bootable disk and Cisco CUCM?

Well, have you ever stuck at the customer site and feel/saw the  non-recoverable CUCM and wanted to install it from scratch?
Then tried downloading Cisco CUCM ISO images from and then got worried about it’s not booting when popped into the physical server?

Keep on reading… The simple solution for you is to keep this (click here to download boot.blf) small bootable file in your pocket and download CUCM ISO image from CCO and then use UltraISO software to make non-bootable into bootable disk. No more hassles or waiting for a disk shipped to you via snail mail.

The Concept!

It’s very simple, I guess one of those black magic which Cisco wants to keep secret for obvious reasons!. Insert a boot info file (see instruction below how to get it)  into a CUCM ISO image.
Make sure you download CUCM non-bootable disks and join both downloaded files (copy -b or cat command on Linux). Then use a free software called UltraISO and insert the boot it into the CUCM non-boot disk and burn it as a regular way!
You’ll only need
a) Boot info file (BIF)
b) Cisco non-bootable CUCM ISO image (combine them)
c)  A UltraISO CD burning software from
d) A few dead brain cells (well its that simple)

Here are the steps for you:

Step#1:  extract the bootinfo file from exiting Linux destroy!

Download above makelinuxboot.bif file.  Sorry if the URL link is broken, I can’t guarantee. Alternately, you can extract it from existing CUCM or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or above bootable disk.
To extract boot info file from a bootable disk
– Install UltraISO on  PC/Laptop
– Insert the existing CentOS 5 or RHEL or existing CUCM Bootable disk.
– Open UltraISO and then go to>Bootable> Extract Boot File from CD/DVD. Save file as a “makelinuxboot.bif” (you can name it anything u like but remember the extension must be .bif)

Step#2: Insert above extracted makelinuxboot.bif file into the non-bootable CUCM image.

Click on UltraISO> Bootable>Tick on “Generate Bootinfotable”
-Click on UltraISO>bootable> Loadbootfile. Then, once it prompts you, select the makelinuxboot.bif file

Step#3: Save the bootable ISO file

– Go to UltraISO>File>Save-as>CUCM-Linux boot. ISO

Burn the CUCM-BOOTABLE.iso. Pop the bootable CUCM disk into the server and then Finish.. and bingo!

Hue.. Isn’t this simple black magic?

Note: just make sure that the bootable disk of any LINUX OS you are going to extract bootfile info is EL-TORITO standard. The ISO9660 won’t work. I spent about 8 hours just on this issue.