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Step#1 List number of node in the cluster using CLI:

admin: run sql select name,nodeid from ProcessNode

name               nodeid

================== ======

EnterpriseWideData   1          4          2

Step#2   : Check the replication status of each subscriber/node in the cluster

admin: show perf query class "Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication"

==>query class :

- Perf class (Number of Replicates Created and State of Replication)

has instances and values:

ReplicateCount  -> Number of Replicates Created   = 344

ReplicateCount  -> Replicate_State                = 2

The following list shows the possible values for Replicate_State:

0—Replication Not Started. Either no subscribers exist, or the Database Layer Monitor service is not running and has not been running since the subscriber was installed.

1—Replicates have been created, but their count is incorrect.

2—Replication is good.

3—Replication is bad in the cluster.

4—Replication setup did not succeed.

Noticed 2 means replication stats between the two surveys are okay up and running.

STEP#3 :To check network connectivity and DNS server configuration:

Enter the CLI command that is shown in below:

admin: utils diagnose module validate_network

Log file: /var/log/active/platform/log/diag1.log

Starting diagnostic test(s)


test - validate_network    : Passed                      

Diagnostics Completed


 Cheers, Push