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If you fail the lab make sure that you re-book your exam ASAP. The reason behind this is you’d know what you’ve done wrong and where you need to pay attention. I believe most of us are busy with various projects and sometimes it’s hard to get time for the study/exam. But hey,  these projects can take you to go to the lab many times. So retook the exam and try to figure out what you did wrong. Get back to horse again.

If you postponed the lab for the next 2-3 months, it’s highly possible that you won’t remember half of the key points. I have a disease of if I have to do something get done, I won’t take a rest until I finish it.

The trick of getting time from your busy office hours and project work is to improve your productivity.  Get all office work done during working hours so that when you leave office you’d be free mind. Try to reply the customers’ email/cases asap they hit your mailbox. Don’t put them off and think that you’ll do it tomorrow. You will know tomorrow never appears!

I tried replying emails immediately when they hit my mailbox, in this way I had no tension of thinking about work. Just worked during the working hours.  If I had to test something at work, I did that first thing in the morning before I get busy in replying emails and helping customers on the phone.

My re-take strategy after failed attempt was quite aggressive.

  • First attempt      : Feb, 2008   – First timer, new to CCIE lab. It was a good experience, though failed….
  • Second attempt  : April, 2008 – Run out of time, didn’t have a good time management. Failed….
  • Third attempt     : June, 2008 – Timeing was good but didn’t use the checklist method. Failed….
  • Fourth attempt   : July, 2008  – Used the checklist method , super duper improved speed. Passed….

BTW, from 3rd to 4th attempt I was traveling and lost 1 weeks worth lab study time. You see, I was riding on that CCIE horse aggressively.

Cheers, Push