This is a partial list of hobbies.
1 Bungee Jumping
2 Sky Diving
3 Flying Human (my dream)
4 Bush Walking
5 Tennis
6  Cricket
bushwalking  tennis

Here are some of the videos of my dangerous sports: 🙂 It’s all fun fun fun….

Feburary 2013, Queenstown, New Zealand TRIP:

Those who have not been to Queenstown yet, you don’t know what you are missing. There are so many things to  do. You’d never be a bro-dam! You can see below activities I was not sitting idle during my stay there.

  1. Day1 – Flying foxes. Flying from tree to tree. This was just like putting my feet into the tub.
  2. Day2 – 134 meters Nevis bungy. This really blew up my mind. For the first time I have done 134 meters.
    Here is the video watch first half:
  3. Day3 – 46 meters Kunwara bridge bungy (it was just a kiddie one but I wanted to do just because this is the place where bungy sport was born)
  4. Day4 – Farm trip, famous sheep and cattle farm.
  5. Day5 – Four wheel drive (4WD) tour.
  6. Day6 – Sky dive from 15,000 feet (first time dived from such an altitude did before 12,000 feet)
  7. Day7 – Nevis Swing – Biggest swing in Asia. Was fun but not as good as 134 meter bungy
    Here is the video watch second half:
  8. Day8 – Milford Sound – loved the trip in the outback to natural beauty.
  9. Day9 – rest and fly back home to Sydney.

I am sure, I will be going back to Queenstown.

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