I am a quardple 4xCCIE and also hold a triple 3xMasters Degree + PhD in AI. I am a strong supporter of the open source community. I have an interest in porting the Linux kernel and writing device drivers for AMD/i86 boards. I have been using Linux as a primary desktop for the last 6 years. In free time (when I am not playing tennis or bush walking), I love to port the Linux kernel on different boards.

For a living, I am working as Senior Cloud Architect based in Sydney, Australia. I am expert in various domains in IT and Telecommunications.

  • AWS and Azure Public Cloud Architect
  • Pricate Cloud or ON-Prem V-BLOCK based Teleco Cloud – design and implementation
  • A few large IPTEL distributed clusters – 8K to 12K handsets.
  • Architectures 37 nodes Hadoop cluster for parallel data processing using MapReduce.
  • A few large scale GetVPN deployment
  • MIT course on Machine Learning, 2014
  • Personal OpenFlow project Successfully ported custom tiny kernel using BuildRoot on ARM board and now doing some custom development in userspace (porting Quaga, sFLOW ipFlow and other networking protocols). This is what keeps me busy when I have nothing to do.

  1. manoj singh rawat says:

    nice to see your achievements, this shows with strong determination man can concur the world. keep going.

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