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—————-Installing IPCC on top of your Call manager————————-

The most common problems I encountered during the IPCC installation aren’t really documented anywhere. I have wasted 4-5 hours on google but nothing come up with. Finally found some important points in a few message boards.

Installation was fairly but the gocha’s came after installing – Mr. appadmin won’t work – permission error

1. Turn off any antivirus stuffs.
2. Pop-in the first CD in the server and just run the setup.exe.  It will install the windows installation manager. After that it will ask for a reboot.
3. Once the server is rebooted the installation should be continued..
4. If you see nothing is happening, browse the installation CD and re-run the setup.exe [don’t’ run other .exe file]
5. The first CD will take 40-50 minutes, stay in front of the computer don’t go because it will need your attention.
6. Insert 2nd and 3rd CD [just follow next… Next…. And end up with finish]
7. Reboot the system.

After installation, fire your web browser with that’s all. Hey now, here is where the real fun kicks in 🙂

Gotcha Number#1 : You won’t see /apppadmin web page and the browser displays the following message:

Error type:

“You are not authorized to view this page”.

Hue…………… What it.. Definitely bill gates doesn’t like CRS.


1. Click on My Computer>manage>users>Group>guest group> remove IUSER_*
2. Only under guest group – IWAM_CCM1 and IWAM_Gust should be there
3. Now add those removed users from Iuser_ccm1 and Iuser_guest to WebUser group

4. Reboot the system.
5. Now you should able to see authentication page.
6. Enter username Administrator password ciscocisco
7. Add 2 users in ccm (1) crsadmin (2) push
8. Run the apartment setup, import the ipcc license file then
9. Make those ccm users as an IPCC express administrators.
10.Note from now, IPCC default user/pass administrator/ciscocisco no more valid.

Now you should see below message once the above has been setup:

Configuration Setup – Step 6 of 6
User Configuration done.
Media setup done.
IPCC Express setup done.
Workflow setup done.
Default Trace File Configuration Upload done.
Configuration info is saved. Please restart Cisco CRS Node Manager from Services window.
Please close your web browser now!

11. Time to reboot the ccm machine. To restart, I never got working using service manager start/stop.

12. Login now using crsadmin/Cisco password which you created in step3

Gotcha Number#2:

After installation,  if you were lucky enough to get the crsadmin page, you will see that it’s not authenticating your username and password.


1. Rename ccndir.ini which is located in C:\WINNT\system32\ccn to ccndir.ini.old.
2. if your ccndir.ini file is found as a ccndir.ini.backup or something like that then you just rename it to ccndir.ini.
For more info:

Cheers, Harold