4 years has passed and no blog post?

Posted: November 2, 2016 in CCIE VOICE-LAB

Wow,, I just noticed I have not been logged into this blog portal since 2012. Its almost 4 years!! where have I been to, must been hibernating somewhere behind the wet slab of beer or inside the close wall?

Well, I have been bit busy with doing so many other things with my full time job. The job I had kept me busy and challenged while at the same time I have completed my Master degree in Computing research and also 70% completing my PhD in machine learning. I am finally into my thesis and that is expected to be done and dusted by december 2017. I can’t wait to finish this.

More to come on this but this is my first paper (Alzheimer’ disease (AD) prediction using machine learning) accepted in IVCNZ 2016 conference .Those who are interested can read it through my download page –download_myfirstPaper

The academic papers are really different cattle of fish compared to the article we write on the blog. No matter what I did, my paper was bashed to death before it came alive but at the end I got use to the tantram we have to publish high quality of paper. My supervisor Manoranjan Paul helped me to shape the paper. Thank you Mano.

Gents, time flies fast and i think after PhD, i will do nothing from university prospective. what have changed since?

  1. SDN-WAN (sneaking into at ISP level straight, enterprise to follow)  is flourishing and coming in a big way. Traditional physical boxes (e.g. router,switches etc) are on the way to get encapsulated into the VM
  2. Intel DPDK is a game changer to put out all vendor with hardware router/firewalls. so go Intel!
  3. The smartCPE is the answer to the messy racks and racks of equipment in branch offices.
  4. SDN -storage is moving fast. Applications are being architected in a way that do not need those traditional block storage. Scale out and scale up architecture is getting traction. Who need recover point for DR anymore if the app is designed in a way that provide native fault-tolerance without needing a backup! Backup is already within two or three nodes in multple locations already! why did we not think about it 10 years ago?
  5. Applications are being design to support “native” cloud. which means workload can be placed in multiple geo based locations without needing the expensive DR site and I think traditional
  6. AWS, Microsoft and now Oracle are the big players in Cloud market. Pay_as_you_go model 🙂
  7. AI is improving the existing technologies and doing crazy things – center of it is deep learning where all the action is. it would be interesting to see where it ends up. for example AI/Machine learning based AntiVirus, fraud detection.

Anyway, another year left before I get my life back into the real world and start this sleeping blog portal up and running again!.

thank you,



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