Check whether your LinkedIn password was hacked

Posted: June 13, 2012 in CCIE VOICE-LAB

Last week, as we all know – The LinkedIn password in hash form were stolen by Russian hackers. Well they were found on one one of the Russian website. I personally recommend everyone who have account on the LinkedIn to change their password.

However, if you’re still curious to know if your LinkedIn account password was among the one that has fallen into these hackers hand, here is the brand new dedicated website that allows you to type your password and it actually converts your password into the HASH and then compares it against the hacked HASH database.

If your password was not hacked, you’ll see the following result:

” Looks like your password was not leaked. Hooray, You should still change it.”

That’s good news, your password was safe!, if your’ password was hacked, you’ll see the following:

2012 06 06 14h26 09 LeakedIn: Check if your LinkedIn password was leaked with this tool

WARNING: Use this site at your own risk, don’t quote me!

On a side note, if you’re a heavy linkedin addict and use calendar and other iPhone app of LinkedIN, something here for you to be aware of.






That is scary, isn’t it?

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