CCIE TIPS: Check Regularly Study Groups/Forums

Posted: August 3, 2008 in LAB TIPS

It’s pretty common that we all could be busy at work and most of the time we don’t have time to read the online forums. Or even when we’ve time we lock ourself in the lab and do practice-practice-practice. till my 2nd attempt I used to do the same and didn’t bother much to check online forums.

My advice is keep your eyes open and look around what’s going on in the online forums. During my preparation, I found the following websites very live and helpful.

1. CCBOOTCAMP –, my favorite site.  You will get the answers to your question pretty soon. Apart from this, I like the notification system as they sent you on your mailbox only if someone posted something on the You don’t have to manage your mailbox at all. Just hop on the and start posting! a few guys on that forum are very experienced!
The drawback of this website is, we don’t see the much posting from Avner [ccbootcamp’s instructor].

2. IPEXPERT – OSL voice online list. The only interaction method of this list is via email notification. You post your question and the system sends you a bunch of new questions/postings  asked on hourly basis [couldn’t figure out if it is once after every 3 hours or…]. There are 2 guys always available – Mark Snow and Vik Malhi. You will definitely get an answer from them if nobody has answered or they’ll add comments on them.

The drawback is, the mailing notification. The method is via email and you’ll have to manage the postings in your inbox by yourself. They may have an option but I couldn’t see an option on their online portal.
3. Cisco NETPro forum: This is a must, if you have any doubt you can ask directly to the CCIE voice program manager – Ben NG.

Please note, the Ask Expert forum only opens for certain time. E.g. For 1 weeks or 2 weeks and in between that period you can ask any question you’d like to ask directly for Ben NG.

I found ask the expert forum very helpful and Ben NG is really good at answering the questions. You can see below his comment when he was available to answer the questions. You can have a look at his previous answers to ask the expert forum:

The link is:

Cheers, Push

  1. tity says:

    Please recommend book for prepare exam
    1. CCIE Voice written
    2. CCIE Voice Lab

    Are Book list on web sufficient ?

    Thank you

  2. pushkarbhatkoti says:

    Hi Tity,

    1. For written exam – it will depend on your background. If you’re already workin in UM/Voip then you may just use some shortcuts e.g. ‘ccievoice written quick reference sheet’ by Mark Lewis.

    2. for voice lab
    to start with – ccbootcamp’s ccie voice technology book

    after that, you can use ccbootcamp’s volum2 along with voicebootcamp’s moc labs + voicebootcamp’s troubleshooting guide. I used different vendor workbook for simulating different scenarios.


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