IPMA: Proxy Line Configuraiton in 15 minutes (Using Single PT)

Posted: July 30, 2008 in CUCM
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Keep it simple? No, keep it simpler!

IPMA never been my favorite topic.  I hated it from the beginning when it comes to PT/CSS, voicemail and AAR related issues – I really didn’t like it. I always consider it to be left alone and didn’t try it until my 3rd attempt.

One day, I let my ego down and agreed to have a look and nail it.  Before doing this, I took a long breath, but wasn’t confident enough to put my hands on the lab gears. I decided to gain some confidence and went to a pub [benefit of living in the City, bloody pubs are at your doorstep] and had a few drinks.  Came back to home and I was on high thinking that I am going to fight with my enemy [mrs. IPMA].

A friend of mine told me that there is a video on IPEXPERT.com from Vik Malhi. I really liked his approach. He mentioned a few times during the video lecture that you don’t have to use 2 partition’s [not directly though]. But I that make it simple and stupid.

After watching the video for 3 times, I started loving it and on first go, it worked as expected [smile] worked straight away. Re-set my CCM VMware image again and did it for a few times.
Guess what? – After doing it a few times, I thought it was the easiest topic I ever studied. It’s on top of my head now.

You can just create ‘pt_manager’ and ‘css_manager’ only. Assuming all your phones are in NULL partition.
[end of the day why would u want to assign any phone any partition, wanna to kill your time?]

ManagerDN= 5001
proxy line = 5003
manager-intercom = 5555

Here are the steps:

Step#1- start tomcat service on both pub+sub
Step#2- create a pt-manager
Step#3- create a css-manager and put pt-manager in it
Step#3- modify the phone button template according to the requirement for a manager and Assistant
Step#4- create an IP Phone service for manager (just create at this stage, but don’t not to assign yet).
TIPS: to get an IP phone service URL, just search on CCM help for “IPMA checklist”.
Step#4- configure the manager phone now {thinks if u configuring your boss’s phone, put a sniffer on it lol}

  1. Assign phone button-temp
  2. softkey template (standard ipma manager or modified according to your need)
  3. Put 5001 to pt_manager
  4. Add 2nd line and put a dent of 5555, tick on auto speakerphone
  5. Add speed dial, name it appropriately e.g. to-assistant and put a dn of 5556
  6. Subscribe IPMA service to manage phone only [don’t subscribe to assistant phone]

STEP#5- configuring  the Assistant’s phone

  1. Assign a phone button template [remember in the previous step you created, modified the template?]
  2. Assign phone softkey template [according to your need]
  3. Add 2nd line as a  proxy line, assign DN 5003 and assign css_manager to it.
  4. Add 3rd line as an intercom line, assign DN 5556, speaker phone ticked.
  5. Add speed dial den-5555, name it appropriately e.g. to-manager  dn 5555
  6. Don’t assign ipma service to this phone. Restart the phone.

Step#6-  configure CTI route point to intercept the call form 5001.

  1. Add cti route point, stick to your standard practice regarding assigning
    Other  parameters, e.g. device-pool, EPNM, or etc.
  2. add dn 5001 to it [it must be a manager’s number] to ctirp, the partition must be same as all phones
    Because all phones need to dial this number.  Assign CSS_manager to this as well.
  3. Tick on only on Forward No Answer Internal/external put 5001, select – CSS_manager. This is fair
    When an assistance phone line is down or she is logged out or tomcat is down call will be routed to manager phone.
  4. When the assistant is logged in and not picking up the phone it shud go to vm of manager. just tick       on vm for Forward Busy/non Internal/ext (4 of these ticks)

STEP#7 Adding users, etc… The left over;
– Add the assistant user
-Device association
– Add as ipma assistant
– Add the Manager user
-Device association
-Add an ipma manager
-Add assistant

STEP#8 At the last, Configure IPMA service parameter (only need to configure first 5 options, leave everything else as they are the default)
– CTI manager –,
– Route point -select it whatever you named routepoint
– IPMA server –,1

Restart your tomcat services on both – pub and sub, restart the CCM services as well. You should see the strange icons on the manager’s phone.
Download the ipma console and install it on your laptop/pub/sub where ever you wanna it. login as an assistant and verify that intercept, and call divert all and other function are still working. Also logout from ipma and dial 5001 and see if it rings to 5001’s VM. If 5001 is busy/non, it should go to his VM. If it doesn’t, then check the 5001’s phone [the manager-pt one, not the ctirp’s dn.]

Real Goachas with IPMA and how to solve them;

Issue#1  Voicemail issue,
Configure MWI cs’s (to take care of the IPMA voicemail issue)
Create a new css_mwi with pt_manager+ pt_local + ld+local and assign it to Unity MWI ports
Issue#2  AAR related issue;
– Assign or-group hq_aar to proxy-line 5003
– Make sure mwi, RP, proxyline has access to PT_manager. Put them into a correct css.
– Make sure 5001, 5001-rp, proxy-line have the epnm and appropriate location HQ/mainsite on them.

Finally Restart Tomcat service

Issue#3: IPCC and Tomcat port conflict issue – when you press service button on phone1 it doesn’t work or your IPCC doesn’t work.
–  Go to c;\program files\wfavvid\tomcat\conf\server.mcvd.xml,
Search for string ‘8009’ and change it to 8010 – tomcat service port conflicts

More to come…… … Any QoS scenario in 10 minutes…. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to leave your comments, if time permits, I will answer them ASAP.

Cheers, Push

  1. rhindle says:

    Awesome man! It’s nice to see someone that has achieved this difficult goal to share so many ‘inside’ tips and tricks. It’s the ‘little things’ that make you lose points you didn’t think you lost. I never knew about any AAR problems in IMPA, but I never tested it either! Lab is tomorrow in San Jose and if I get IPMA I will be thankful that I just read this post! I hope I don’t need it, but I’m looking forward to your QoS in 10 minutes. Great stuff man!

  2. pushkarbhatkoti says:

    H Rhindle,
    Gr8, i am glad that you’ve found my blog useful.


  3. Raj says:

    Hi Pushkar,

    This is a great post for IPMA, I have a question.if i want to use translation pattern for redundancy,which CSS i should use? i tried with CSS-Manager but didnt work.


  4. Imran Sajid says:

    I have been stuck at this god damn thing since yesterday!!!
    Have tried everything but i cant even get to change the port settings
    as it doesnt even have that folder!! just server.xml and when i open it says some other error that could not open the xml file.
    Anyway any other ideas?


  5. Imran says:

    Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
    By the way this is the msg 😉


    Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: ‘xmlmapper’. Error processing resource ‘file:///C:/Program Files/WfAvvid/tomcat/c…

  6. Arshad says:

    Hi Puskar,

    I really appreciated yr QOS technic

    I need to understand about call routing. I am facing really challege in call routing, do u have any trick to do so please mail me at arshad.dhunna@yahoo.co.in

    I have more queries.

    Really nice for yr help

    Thks i am waiting for yr mail.

  7. Angel Perez says:

    Hi Pushkar, thanks for all your work, your blog helped me a lot.

    I’ve a question regarding AAR and IPMA, to make this working both Manager and Assistant may be at the same site?

    I’ve try it with Manager at one site and Assistant at the other site but some of the features doesn’t work, In my opinion ipma works durig AAR as a best effort, (no aar css at cti rp).

    Correct me if I’m wrong. I would like to hear your opinion on this

    Thanks again

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