Unity: Installing Cisco Unity 4x On Windows

Posted: July 28, 2008 in UNITY UM|VM
—–Stupid guide to Cisco Unity installation on VMWARE ESX server—–


It took me3 days to completely understand the installation process of Cisco unity 4.0(5).

I am glad that finally I made it working without anyone helping me. The CCIE voice online forums/groups are useless and most of them are dead as a DEAD SEA in Israel 🙂
Cisco documentation is totally vague and adds more confusion.

I thought this might help someone who would be in the same shoes as I was.

PS: the notes made when I was doing troubleshooting and installation.

Unity installation notes:
Time: IT took 9-10 hours (From the scratch)

Hardware requirement: P4 / 1 gig ram minimum. RAM is a crucial thing.

1. Install the vanilla version of win2k ( on my Dual Xeon/4gig ram, it took 23 minutes)
2. After Win2K installation,  make sure the DTS service is enabled (in services<controlpannel)
3. Install Win2K active directory
Type dcpromo command on command prompt and make your server as  a PDC.
After reboot, check if it shows primary server using “Net accounts command” in DOS prompt.

🙂 Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde
4. FQDNS – unity.cisco.com>next>domain netbios name? Type unity1
Also install DNS server – say yes to the bloody Microsoft popup box.
( I hate it).

5. Fix your server’s DNS prefix (tcpip-advance-dns option)
i set it to cisco.com

6. Pop in ms exchange 2000 CD now. It’s a must without it unity can not function
I wasted 3 days on this thought that unity will work
Make sure exchange 200 installs without any error (must)

7. Take a snapshot of this if you re using ESX server
8. Restart the server after loading exchange server 2000

9. No pop-in the unity service pack CD into the cream. Run the CUSPA file.
It will guide you further, it includes upgrade to internet explorer to 6.x and install the all service packs required.

10. Install the Exchange 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 Rollup. (From unity update CD)
11. Install Microsoft exchange 2000 roll over the patch (from unity update CD)
(Make sure DTC services in services.msc is still started, if not started start it before you run service pack 3)
The above all exercise will take approx 2-3 hours

12.  Now time to pop in the monster card in (Cisco unity cd#1)
Click on install. vbs in the CD directory. (Oh, excuse me.. The poor pizza boy is in the door, so just have to answer him first….  i should see “select your language”

yeahHungry now!! Let me see what’s going on while I was receiving the Pizza.

no… Nothing happens.. Because I forget to install the CA.
So install the ssl certificates….. Go to control panel > add/remove> certificates

13. Now pop the CD again…. oh god, the Pizza is getting cold.
Tell you honestly, I am sick of changing the cards all the time. It’s freaking annoying….
Anyhow, I have to get on with it….
Now the CD is in
Oops, returns with the error “Create and set permissions for Windows accounts”
So I have to do what this Mr. Billy gates says………..

14.  Run the Cisco Unity Permissions Wizard to set permissions for the accounts.
Just click on the link given in the popup windows.

Oops………. Now another window popup’d
Run the Cisco Unity Permissions Wizard to set permissions for the accounts.
Fark it………I am really going to throw it out of windows………………..
Pizza is also getting cold…………………

Ok, I have to do what it’s suggesting me..so where the hell is the unity permission wizard…. Push now goes back to the RTFM.

So set the schema first
frakin it took 10 minutes to google on the internet to find out this option.

Here are the steps:
To Extend the Active Directory Schema for Cisco Unity

Step 1 Confirm that all domain controllers are online. (The Active Directory schema extensions replicate only when all domain controllers are online.)

Step 2 On the computer that has the schema master role (typically the first DC/GC in the forest), log on to Windows as a user who is a member of the Schema Admins group.

Step 3 On Cisco Unity DVD 1 or CD 1, browse to the directory ADSchemaSetup, and double-click ADSchemaSetup.exe.

Step 4 In the Active Directory Schema Setup dialog box, check the Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 Directory Monitor check box.

Step 5 If you plan to use VPIM Networking or Cisco Unity Bridge Networking, check the applicable check boxes.

Step 6 Click OK.

Step 7 When the schema extension has finished, Ldif.log and Ldif. errs files are saved to the desktop. View the contents of the files to confirm that the extension completed successfully.
You should see the script run successful…. Message… Hurry now we should back to installing the permission wizard (step 14)

15. So repeat the step 14, I was able to run the wizard successful, easy… Next.. Next and when it asks you about any accounts
Just select “administrator”.
Don’t waste your time, just do next… Next…. Next and finish….

16. Now run the real Cisco unity program (the screen with 7 setups steps)…. n-joy from now……..all trouble is gone…
Now it started at 4:17pm lets see when it asks me 2nd CD…. Must be run for 4-5 hrs… Boring….
Let me get stuck on my pizza now….

Oh, just woke up and saw that it’s asking for 2nd DVD of Unity………...after 20 minutes it asked for the first disk of unity. Well, I had to pop-in the first one to copy with this silly billy gates………

17. Finally unity showed me the prompt “setup finished, would you like to reboot” i just said “YES”

18. Let me arrange the license file now…..

19. Keep going next to another section installation… It’s smooth now…
When it comes to ask you to import existing AD users, I created 3 users — unity1/unity2/unity3
Alternatively, you can import using an ldif file.
20. Go through the password hardening……… I put xxxxx@xCiscoxxxxx@xCisco
21. Finally, run UTIM and connect to call the manager. Hurry………………... You should see the unity button on tray turned to green

22. Integrate it to CCM.

Finished about 9pm, started at 4:15 (means it took bloody 5 hours. 15 minutes)…
Enjoy………… That’s all


Cheers, Push

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  1. Jeremy says:


    I installed unity, I have issue with ccm integration. I cannot configure voice ports to connect to CMM. they are just disabled. I couldn’t modify them.when I want to go to integration page, it shows,that “Some information will not be modifiable because either a connection could not be established to the unity server or your user id is not configured as a Unity Administrator”

    Any idea?

  2. Ravindra says:

    this blog is amazing. after reading this i understood lot of stuff related to CCIE voice. thanks again sir.

  3. GK says:

    Dear Pushkar, Thanks mcuh for the post. Are the steps same for Cisco Unity 4.1.1.

  4. GK says:

    I belive i found answer…I’ll try the same steps for 4.1.1 from Pushakr’s “How to Install Cisco Unity 4.0(5)” and comment in two weeks.


    ” This chapter should be used in conjunction with the Release 4.0(5) and Later versions of the Cisco Unity installation guide. New features are described in individual sections.” I

  5. pushkarbhatkoti says:

    Hi Jeremey,
    Check and make sure:

    1. You have appropriate license on your unity server
    2. You have added unity ports in call manager.


  6. pushkarbhatkoti says:

    Cheers and enjoy…

  7. Allan says:

    Is there any demo license for my CCIE Voice LAB?

  8. pushkarbhatkoti says:

    Hi Allan,

    For unity version 4, you will have to ask your Cisco Account manager to provide demo license.

    for unity connection 2 and 7x, there are some default licenses e.g. 10 mailbox free.



  9. KC says:

    Thanks for this Post.

    I am installing Unity 8.0 w/ Exchange 2010, having issue with the the cisco unity service pack failing, although it says it was installed, and a restart is required. Any ideas?



  10. Hi there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in
    future. Many people will be benefited from your
    writing. Cheers!

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