CCM4x: Installing CCM4x On VMware

Posted: July 28, 2008 in CUCM

——————-How to install CCM on VMware machine———————–
First, create a VM, tell it you want Windows 2000 Server, make the
Disk partition 20GB and SCSI, give it 1024 MB of RAM for CCM 4.x.  The tip is you can reduce it down to 512 once you installed the CCM. Personally, I used a branded version of VMware called ESX 3. x

Install WIndows 2000 Server, make sure you install terminal services and SNMP.


Turn your Generic hardware into Cisco approved MCS. You just need to do some registry tweaks and yes this works on every hardware. Personally, I installed this on my laptop (runs 3 gigs of memory) and on my HP- ML-580 server (Xeon-dual, 4 gig ram).

Copy the following registry in a notepad and save it with  extension to .reg.  Must be 2 different files ccmreg1.reg and ccmreg2.reg. Double click on them (one by one) and say yes, you want to merge it into the registry.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Spirian\System Info\OS Service Release]

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


9. Install CallManager 4.1(3)
So, here you go congratulations, you just turned your VMWare box into a Cisco-approved MCS.


Create a folder in your C:\ called “utilis” and copy a shutdown.exe file into it. You can get a shutdown.exe file from windows XP machine. Just search it and copy to C:\utils folder. Reboot your machine.


Now run the OSupgrade cd  win-OS-Upgrade-K9.2000-2-7.exe (reboot)


Pop-in Cisco CCM 4.1.x cd#1 into your vmware server. Run the setup and sit back and relex –  It will take around  2-3 hours , depends on your hardware too.

I tried the CCM5 as well it is a bit trickier… You need to follow these instructions carefully:

Step 5
Once installation finished, you need to update the license file. Don’t ask me how can you get a lic file.
For educational purpose you may contact your Cisco  account manager and see if he can give it to you.
Just a side note , if you managed to get a license file and you just change the MAC address
Windows 2000 to match your license file.

Well, since you can’t get into the Linux side, you have to do it from VMware, and VMware will
Only let you change the last two octets of the MAC address (unlikely to get a match from Cisco).

Hope this will help to some folk.
Cheers, Push

  1. Mike Schulze says:

    Hi, Any chance you could overnight me a DVD with Cisco CallManager 4.1 Subscriber on VMware by Friday? I got a copy of 4.1 Publisher, but the guy who did it is out of town, and I need a copy of Subscriber to load on PC’s that I am going to use to teach a class on Monday. I would be glad to pay you. Please let me know. Thanks, Mike

  2. usszkhan says:

    Hi Pushkar,

    I have vmware image running on my server. Everything is working fine including IPMA and EM. But I came across that in IPCC the JTAPI subsystem service is not running. I also found that the JTAPI provider is not authenticated. please let me know if you have any idea.


  3. jcisco says:


    where can i get/download “Windows Registry Editor 5.0 ” ?


  4. Marco says:

    this is great information. however, does the shutdown go to C:\utilis or C:\utils? I see it both ways on your post above.

  5. Marco says:

    also, did you need to use the msjavx86.exe file? just wondering.

  6. pushkarbhatkoti says:

    hi USSzkhan – u need to re-integrate CCM with IPCC. Delete all ipcc ports and recreate them.

    Jcisco – windows registry editor is built-in in the windows OS. Just type regedit and it will get u there.

    1. yup shutdown goes to C:\utils
    2. I have tried both MSjava and SunJava – both works. Prefer u use MSjava.

  7. Lee says:

    I have installed the Cisco CM 4.1(3) with following the step shown in above. But all my services is failed besides Cisco Data Layar Monitor & Cisco tftp Tomcat.

    My CCMAdmin pages could not open as well. When i tried to start the Cisco RIS Data Collector services, it always prompt me “Could Not start the Cisco RIS Data Collector service on local compuer. Error 1067: The process terminate unexpectedly.”

    I tried to look at the “event log viewer”, it does not show any reason.

    Kindly help.

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